Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Oil on canvas 8"x6"PRICE: $180
Sunset at Massasaga point. begining of September, the sunsets at this time of the year are very beautiful
Atardecer en el punto de Massasagaa principios de Septiembre, los atardeceres en este tiempo son muy espectaculares.

Oil on canvas 7"x5" PRICE:$150
This painting was done at the end of august, and it was a typical sunset of this time of the year and i could see it from my window
Este cuadro lo hice a finales de Agosto, y es el tipico atardecer de este tiempo, tambien es lo que veia desde my ventana


Erik said...

Love the skies!

Jesus Estevez said...

Thank you Erik.

billspaintingmn said...

Jesus! I grew up on a lake, and your color and mood is spot on. The gentleness of the wave is excellent! Makes me want to head out to the lake for a sunset.(It's been awhile)

The second painting is a firey sunset, the way you play the blue with the red and yellow creates passion to the eyes! Very nice painting!

Jesus Estevez said...

Bill Thanks for your comments, here in Canada, at the end of August and beginning of September we have very beautiful sunsets, if I had more time, i will have done one or two more paintings of them, but the leaves of the fall are also very impressive and I want to catch some of them, that is what I am working at the moment. Non the less, let yourself get by the closest lake and breeze deep looking to one of those beautiful sunsets.

Pam Holnback said...

Beautiful reflections in the top piece.

Jesus Estevez said...

Thanks Pam, nice to hear from you.