Monday, 12 March 2012


Oil on canvas 10"x8" PRICE:$200
I couldn't resist the temptation of doing one more still life , this one I incorporate objects with some reds colors in them with a white table clothe  embroidered in blues
No podia resistir la tentacion de hacer otro bodegon, en este incorporo objetos que contienen colores  rojos y naranjas sobre un mantel blanco y bordados azules


Erik van Elven said...

Hi Jesus, beautiful painting. The red color really sparkles.
Just wondering what you do with the still life after you've finished the painting :)

Studio at the Farm said...

Jesus, you have created such richness of color, and that 17th c. Dutch feel to your painting. I LOVE it!

Jesus Estevez said...

Thanks Erik, when I finish the painting of a still life, what ever is eatable or drinkable I will eat or drink, in this case, I didnt finish the brandy, I just had what it was on the glass, it is very good, it clears your throat

Jesus Estevez said...

Thank you Kathryn, my tendencies on the Dutch painters must come from one of my pass life, I am glad that you like them, I have a lot of fun doing them.

Chunbum Park said...

I really like the irregular shape of the bottle and the apple. It's a nice painting!