Saturday, 4 September 2010


Oil on canvas 6"x12" PRICE: $180
The building with four windows in each floor is where I work and I live
El edificio con cuatro ventanas en cada piso es donde vivo y trabajo


Régis Pettinari said...

It seems that you live in a small town. In all cases not too big. The church in the background make me think about that. A bit like in french villages.

Jesus Estevez said...

Regis ,yes the town I live is not too big , about 40.000 people ,there are more churches, this one in the painting is the catholic church, I guess the bigger, is a nice town , we have a river , a lake and some nice buildings.

Erik said...

That's a nice place to work in Jesus, lovely painting..

Jesus Estevez said...

Thanks Erik, it is a nice place to work,I have the river in front and a lot of birds eagles, heron, Ducks and many others.this month and the next month we have big salmon and other big fish coming up the river. it is nice to live in the city and have the nature so close.

Frank A. said...

Jesus.. Very nice ! This scene is very familiar to me and it felt good to reminisce of my time there.

Thank you ! :)

Happy fall painting !

Jesus Estevez said...

Thanks Frank, good to hear from you,this is Belleville ,God's Country, now you know where I live.