Monday, 15 July 2013


Oil on Canvas 16"x20" PRICE: $525
Manly Edward MacDonald,R.C.A., (1889-1971) grew up in Point Anne, Ontario, east of Belleville on a farm. His earliest images were of the land, the water, and animals on that farm. This creativity developed, at an early age, and was encouraged by teachers and family, producing a seasoned oil painter before any formal classes began. His free, loose, and semi=impressionistic style is filled with rural scenes of mills and farms with livestock as well as rivers and lakes on which boats float and dock, in the Group of Seven genre. MacDonald was also an excellent portrait painter.


Unknown said...

This is so nicely rendered! The colors and the lighting make it so serene and enchanting, and the composition flows nicely with the different textures and shapes. Very beautiful! said...

Thanks Katherine, I love this painter's work, in the town where I live, if i need some inspiration, I go to see some of his work, it always give me a push.