Monday, 19 September 2011


16" x 12" oil on canvas Sold / vendido
One more commission of this beautiful town, I hope the commissioner likes it
otro encargo de esta ciudad tan bonita, espero que al cliente le guste.


billspaintingmn said...

Jesus! You really have a way of putting the viewer into the painting!
(I can feel the crispness!)

That bit of red in the snow at the lower right works very well with the night blue sky and yellow light reflected against the garage.
It circles me to the front door!
(I wish there was a light on in the window, I'd ring the door bell and say hello!)

Jesus Estevez said...

Thanks for your comment Bill, Yes you are right, I forgot to put a light in the window, too busy doing every thing else. since I didn't yet give the painting to the client, I think I still have time to put it in.

Concha Signes said...

Estoy segura Jesús que les gustará y mucho. Aunque me repita, es que vives en un lugar tan bonito.
En cuanto a lo que me dices de la academia de cocina, ya me gustaría, además de poder transmitir todo aquello que he ido aprendiendo con los años (y lo que me queda por aprender aún), vería un sueño cumplido, visitar Canadá. Desde que yo recuerdo, tanto el país donde vives como Australia, me han atraido desde siempre, me voy de extemo a extremo, pero es la verdad.
Un abrazo

Jesus Estevez said...

Gracias Concha, es siempre importante que los clientes queden contentos. En cuanto a ensenar a cocinar , es algo muy bueno ya que la gente cada vez cocina menos pero si que les gusta la buena comida, y es mas barato tomar un cursillo que comer cada dia en un Restaurante. A lo de visitar Canada, eso es facil, los suenos son un preambulo de lo que va a venir, si de verdad lo quieres , el momento vendra, ademas yo estoy aqui y siempre os puedo acomodar por algunos dias. Un saludo Concha y recuerdos a la fiera de tu marido. jeje.

Shelley Whiting said...

Wow I love the bright and vibrant colors. It is a gorgeous and welcoming picture.

Jesus Estevez said...

Thanks Shelley, I appreciate your comment.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there Jesus... A small... small world isn't it? Strange ... our "chance" meeting at The Algonquin Visitor's Centre! Even stranger... your tale about the "screw up" at Storring's Bridge!That doesn't surprise me though. . but I have long given up trying to understand or change that situation... even if I could! Too bad... a lot of history... now unfortunately... just water under "Storring's Bridge!"

Lovely work here in your site! I certainly recognize the local pieces... and look forward to seeing the fruit of your Algonquin Adventure!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

Jesus Estevez said...

Thanks Bruce, ya we are in one of the biggest country in the world and we found each other in a very special place. you clarified a lot the Storring,s bridge adventure, i guess the world of artist is complicated some time, I will rather to think that is beautiful, but some time there is some things not so pretty. I am a bit lost between commissions and teaching, but I will get my act together and post my few paintings of Algonquin Park, oh man I love that place. we should get together next year and do a painting in the same spot. cheers, it was nice to meet you and your wife.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi again Jesus!... Life is complicated... just do your best! That's my attitude about things!

I'll be in touch... and we'll set up a painting trip down the line... when we are both open to it! Stay tuned....

Until then....
Good Painting and Teaching!
Warmest regards,

Jesus Estevez said...

Thanks Bruce