Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Oil on canvas 8"x6" Sold / Vendido
Travel for a week in the Algonquin park with a group of painters call AAEF Algonquin artist expeditionary force , they show me the best places of this enormous park in the fall, where the trees look like painters palettes in a full degree. This is one of the paintings from this trip, I will be posting the rest in the next coming days.
 He estado viajando durante una semana en Algonquin park con un grupo de pintores llamado AAEF fuerza expedicionaria de los artistas de algonquin, me han estado ensenando los mejores lugares de este enorme parque natural el el otono, donde los arboles cambian colores y en conjunto parecen la paleta de un pintoren su maximo colorido. Este cuadro es uno de los primeros que he terminado, en los proximos dias ire ensemado algunos mas.


Régis Pettinari said...

the colors of the autumn in Canada resembles that. colors very sharp. Particularly those of the trees, much of red and orange! said...

Yes this is Canada in its more colorful time, is over whelming, a real candy for a painter's eye but very difficult to interpreted that quantity of colors.