Saturday, 12 March 2011


Oil on canvas 8"x10" PRICE: $200
I this painting i continue with my favorite theme, snow and houses, here is snowing almost every day, so i will keep doing them until stop snowing, after that I will pass to do some portraits and still lives .
En este cuadro sigo con mi tema favorito, nieve y casas, aqui esta nevando casi que a diario, asi que continuare haciendo hasta que pare de nevar, despues pasaremos a retratos y bodegones.


Jason Kozlowski said...

Hey Jesus! It was a pleasure talking with you during the Go Figure Show opening at Gallery Artplus. I love your work, especially your snowy city scapes and landscapes here in your blog. You do a lot of work! My next stop will be at your website. Do you mostly work from life or from photograph? You can find me also at my blog:
and I have a shop too

Best wishes,

Jason Kozlowski said...

Tank you Jason, yes i work a bit every day, not always with the same painting, I always carry two or three at the time, so I let one dry and I do touches after, For the winter I work with photos that I take myself plus I go often to the place in-situ while I am doing the painting, that is why all this paintings are scenes around my studio