Saturday, 19 March 2011


Oil on canvas 10"x8" PRICE: $225
One more painting with snow, I am finishing one more , and that will be the last painting of snow for this winter. Here the snow is finish for now, although you never know
Un cuadro mas de casas con nieve, estoy terminando uno mas y este sera el ultimo cuadro de nieve que hare por este invierno. Aqui la nieve se ha terminadode momento, aunque nunca se sabe 


Paul Coventry-Brown said...

I love the composition and colouring in this one, it just works so well and, like the rest of your snow paintings, gives a wonderful atmosphere :-)

billspaintingmn said...

Jesus! You captured winter well! The everyday scenes through the eyes of an artist has been most enjoyable!
I however do not put away my snow shovel till july! :) said...

Thank you Paul, I appreciate your comments, yes this painting came a bit better . there is always a mystery about painting, you never know which one is going to be the star. said...

Thank you Bill, i had to take out my snow shovel, we had some snow this morning.

ZÉ ROBERTO said...

Hola Jesus!
Adorei seus trabalhos, são muito criativos e bem originais.
Visite o meu blog.
Roberto said...

Gracias Jose Roberto, Creatividad es mi mejor amiga, un saludo, pasare por tu blog .