Monday, 20 June 2011


Oil on canvas 9"x12"PRICE: $275
A different part of Toronto, its graffiti, a big concern for the city , and a full expression of some artist, that makes the walls of  small streets into outdoors art galleries . I have to say that by doing this painting and copying some of this graffiti that I have a lot of respect for the work of these artists.
Un aspecto diferente de Toronto, sus graffitis, un gran dilema para la ciudad, y una espresion  para muchos artistas, que convierten las paredes de pequenas calles en galerias de arte al aire libre. Al hacer este cuadro y copiar algunos de estos grafitis , tengo que decir que les tengo un gran respeto por el trabajo que estos artistas hacen.


Studio at the Farm said...

Jesus, you've captured it wonderfully. I was reading a post yesterday about Paris, where they actually encourage graffiti in some areas of the city. said...

Thank you kathryn , Graffiti is a new art , not for sale, that has a lot of power. Thanks for commenting