Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Oil on canvas12x12" Sold/Vendido
Oil on canvas 6x8
The last Saturday of September ad the two first Saturdays of October, i will be teaching a workshop on the Canadian impressionist Manly MacDonald.
The Parrott Gallery in town has an extensive collection of this artist , each of the students will have a painting of Manly for three Saturdays to copy  under my instructions. 
This two paintings above are copies I did myself in order to understand and also to measure the timing that will take to do them. I have to say that his paintings are a bit muddy due to the bad varnishes and the pass of time plus also he always paint outdoors, non the less there are so many things to learn from this great artist.


Studio at the Farm said...

Jesus, thank you for introducing me to Mr. MacDonald's painting. It's quite beautiful.

jesusest@gmail.com said...

you are welcome Kathryn, i am talking with the director of the Gallery to be able to do a Blog on Manly MacDonald, to me he was a better painter than many of the group of seven , he was contemporary of them, but he thought that they were a bunch of snobs. He painted all his landscapes in plain air, in winter as well. his snow paintings are amazing.i will talk more about him. Cheers.

Will M said...

Hello Jesus Esteves I have a painting of Manlys, two horses resting standing in water with land in the horizon and a bright with clouds sky.
I have not seen another like it, I can email you a photo.
Call Will at 613 572-1586