Friday, 19 August 2011


Oil on board 16"x12" PRICE: $375
Picton is a town near Belleville, this is  a painting of its theater, The Regent, an old an historic town in the Prince Edward County.
Picton es una ciudad cercana a Belleville, este es un cuadro de su Teatro, The Regent, Una ciudad antigua e historica en el Condado del Principe Edward.  


Frank A. said...

Nice one, Jesus ! Strange, but I really like how you have treated (colours) the street in front of The Regent.
As an aside,I go past that threatre twice a week. :)

Take care..
Frank said...

Thank you Frank, the building color is more yellow, (Dirty yellow) the photo didn't came out too good in the color , but any way, if you pass through Picton twice a week, you must live near by, if you pass through Belleville , pass by and visit, we can have a coffee and talk.