Friday, 11 June 2010


Oil on Canvas 24"x12" PRICE: Sold / Vendido
 I went to visit Ottawa, where I live for about 10 years, i found that things had change a lot, one thing that still the same was the Canadian Parliament. I never did a painting before, I thought now was the time.
Fui a Ottawa, donde vivi por durante una década, encontré las cosas muy cambiadas , uno de los edificios que sigue igual es el Parlamento de Canada, nunca lo pinte anteriormente,que yo recuerde, he pensado que ahora le había llegado la hora


billspaintingmn said...

Jesus! You really hit a home run on this one, it has a feeling I can't explain.
There also is a stained glass window effect, fantastic!! said...

Difficult painting to photograph Bill, double light, or I get it to dark or I get it to light. the painting is a lot better than the photograph of it. i understand this thing you say about the feeling, The Canadian parliament is in a power spot, and all these Gothic towers and windows can be very intimidating.Thanks for passing by.