Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Oil on canvas 8"x10"Sold / Vendido
This is  probably my last portrait for now, his face is also familiar , he looks like my brother in law, he is got a good sun ten. Ha
Este sera probablemente mi ultimo retrato por ahora, su cara me es familiar, se parece a mi cunado . tiene un buen bronceado.


Régis Pettinari said...

Interesting and modern portrait. A bit like the one of the young man, you do. I like. said...

Thanks Regis, I have fun doing portraits in a loose way, but always keeping the resemblance as much as posible

billspaintingmn said...

The first thing to greet me as I view this is his cheerful smile!
The looseness of the brushstrokes and color choices support this happy mood.
Very enjoyable Jesus! said...

Thanks Bill,even if it goes against my rules , of not to paint portraits of people smiling or laughing , this year I took every body on a happy mood. rules are there to break them some time.

Vicente Herrero said...

Esta serie de retratos al sol los encuentro muy interesantes.
Por la cantidad de reflejos que se producen y por la energía que le confiere a la figura.
Muy logrados, Jesús.
Un saludo. said...

Gracias Vicente, para mi el retrato tiene que tener algo de movimiento, y todos esos reflejos ayudan un poco